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Hybrid Money

Hybrid Money is an innovative financial transaction system that integrates traditional and digital currencies to facilitate fast and efficient electronic micro and macro transactions, as well as electronic transfer of funds within the ambit of the regulatory provisions of the regulatory body. It utilizes a well-secured and encrypted server-based intra-banking software application that seamlessly integrates local financial institutions, consumers, micro-financiers, merchants, public and private sectors.

Money Transfer Rates


  • Making money is no more a mystery. I now activate just five accounts daily and make upto XAF 5,000. And I make money on a daily basis as royalties from transactions.
    - Akum John, Customer
  • I can now see payments at all my shop terminals on a per minute basis. I can now send money everywhere in the world from my mobile phone.
    - Peter John, Benin
  • I now have a job just by activating accounts. I make even much more as an agent of First Currency. Hu
    - Ann Parker, Agent

Hybrid Money

Hybrid Money is FIAT + Digital Currency

First Currency (Hybrid Money) includes technology, products, services and marketing programs that facilitate the electronic exchange of information and funds among financial institutions, merchants, consumers, businesses, non-profits and governments.

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