Money Transfer Rates
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Money Transfer Rates

Understanding First Currency (PowerPoint)
First Currency App(apk-English) 2.4MB
First Currency App(apk-French) 2.4MB
HybridMoney App(apk-English) 2.4MB
HybridMoney App(apk-French) 2.4MB
Ivoire Money(apk) 2.4MB
SIKA PA(apk) 2.4MB
Faso Money(apk) 2.4MB
Hand Manual Agents (PDF)
Hand Manual Clients (PDF)

Hybrid Money wallet, your Digital Cheque

Most people prefare Hybrid Money wallets because once issued, funds availability is immidiate, most businesses want to avoid the costs and fees associated to other wallets. Hybrid Money is both transferable and divisible, in addition to some stone wall security. Multiple Hybrid Money wallets can be issued from the same source. Hybrid Money wallet will cease to exist once it's value has been exhusted.
  • Making money is no more a mystery. I now activate just five accounts daily and make upto XAF 5,000. And I make money on a daily basis as royalties from transactions.
    - Akum John, Customer
  • I can now see payments at all my shop terminals on a per minute basis. I can now send money everywhere in the world from my mobile phone.
    - Peter John, Benin
  • I now have a job just by activating accounts. I make even much more as an agent of First Currency. Hu
    - Ann Parker, Agent

Hybrid Money

Hybrid Money is FIAT + Digital Currency

First Currency (Hybrid Money) includes technology, products, services and marketing programs that facilitate the electronic exchange of information and funds among financial institutions, merchants, consumers, businesses, non-profits and governments.

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